We Do Not Move Unless We Are Bothered

Eddie Rafii is one of the world’s rare persons, he never read a psychology book but his discoveries made a revolution in psychology. Eddie is a thinker and researcher, a genius from Persia. Eddie spent thirty years finding the cause of human motions. He discovered seven secrets in human nature that are the basis of our motions. “WE DO NOT MOVE UNLESS WE ARE BOTHERED” one of his remarkable discoveries opened a new window in the world of psychology. At an early age he graduate from the University of Tabriz with master degree in agriculture engineering then obtained the diploma of the Industrial Management Institute, Course of Studies of Societe ACTIM in France. He also is a certified graduate of Centro Studi Agricoli Shell in Italy and conducted experimental research in vineyards and vineries in Romania, then later migrated to the United States. His real name is Yadollah Rafii Neishaboori, but he simplified it to Eddie Rafii in the American tradition when he became a U.S. citizen.
Eddie says: I’m an ordinary man, but I was able to alter my train of thought and beliefs to see the life realities. This was no easy task; it took him seven years to eliminate all cultural, religious, and other beliefs that were strongly instilled and embedded in his mind.
At age nineteen, his thoughts were consumed with a thought-provoking question: What is the cause of movement? What happens in our minds and bodies that causes us to initiate motions and the subsequent movements as we are sitting doing nothing (remaining immobile)?
To answer this question, Eddie conducted various experiments and observations on both himself and others. After extensive research, he discovered a clue that logically answered his question along with several related questions. As a result, all confusion and conflict were resolved.
For seven years, he fought the battle between his beliefs of origin and his sense of logic until he successfully overturned the untrue beliefs and cleared his mind to complete his thoughts. Finally, over the last several years, Eddie became motivated to organize his thoughts into this book and share them with others. This book is the result of a lifetime of thinking, observing, and experimenting. Read more about I LOVE TO BE BOTHERED