We Do Not Move Unless We Are Bothered
TV Talk Shows

Rafii talk show is a series of casual TV talk shows about our daily life motions based on the question:

What would you do if nothing bothered you?

What would be the first motion of your body if nothing bothered you?

Imagine sitting on the sofa in your living room, completely comfortable and nothing at all to bother you. The room temperature is at the ideal setting. The room is neither too dark nor too light. You are not sick, tired, hungry, or thirsty. You are not expecting company. You don’t miss any friends or family members. The telephone doesn't ring. You are not worried about bills coming due or your job or business. You do not have to take a shower or use the restroom. You don’t have to do laundry or any other chores. You are not bored or sleepy. You are not curious about anything, and absolutely no factor of any kind makes you uncomfortable, worried, or upset. You are simply and continuously calm and comfortable sitting on that sofa.

What would be your first motion?

No special education or experience required to participate for the shows. Any ordinary person above eighteen years old could be qualified attending the show. Participant questions will be analyzed by researcher Eddie Rafii who is the author of the books.

There is no charge to register for shows. The traveling ticket and accommodation will be provided for the participants.

Each participant must be prepared to ask three questions about the books subjects, also each participant is allowed to ask maximum two personal questions related to the life aspects in the range of show matters. Although the shows are casual but preparing your questions and little practice will help you to look good in the shows. To register click here.